OET Speaking What Are Some Common Myths

Are you going to take OET? During your preparation for the OET, it is common to come across some doubts. You need to understand more about OET - what it is and what it is not. 

Listed below are some of the common myths with respect to OET speaking. Understand more about how the test will be and what you really need to do to get a good score on your OET test.

OET Speaking: Common Myths 

It is important to impress the interviewer or the interlocutor during your OET speaking sub-test 

To be honest, it will really be good if you could do that. You can do this only by being good at English. Your extraordinary dressing sense, your remarkable style, and your sweet or charming behavior will be secondary. But it is good to look more professional when you attend the interview. Act, behave and talk more professionally. You really do not have to crack jokes to impress the interviewer. You do not have to show an attitude that is really not yours. Do not act. Be natural 

Different OET test centers may have different levels of leniency n the test

Whether you take OET from your own city/country or from another city/country it is going to be just the same. There will be no change in the test format, test structure, difficulty of the test, and assessment criteria. You will get a score you really deserve. All the OET interviewers are trained and they will ask you questions that could help with assessing your English language.

You will have the choice to pick any test center that is nearer to you. No malpractices will be allowed. All the test centers across the globe follow the standard rules and regulations. 
Your accent is important as it is one of the ore test scoring criteria 

It is necessary that you should have a proper accent. You need to make use of correct English. Pronunciation should be good. Speak in your own natural accent. It is not essential that you should have a British/American accent but if you can speak in your own accent with no mother tongue influence then it is all simple for you to get through this test.  

You are not expected to ask questions 

This is wrong. You can ask questions if you do not understand anything. You can ask questions as per the rules of your role plays. Do not step back from asking questions. In fact, in most of the role plays it is expected that the nurses should ask as many questions as they can to get the required Information about the patient or the patient’s illness or other problems. 

Making use of medical vocabulary or high sounding words is very important 

It is not important that you should make use of advanced medical vocabulary, terms, or phrases. In fact, you can make use of simple vocabulary.  That will be enough as in most of the cases you will be playing your role (as a nurse, doctor, physiotherapist, etc). The interviewer will be playing the role of your client or the patient. So, it is necessary that you should try to make use of English that is understandable for the patient/client. 

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