OET Test Guide What Do You Need To Know Before You Take OET On Computer

This is what you shall know before you take OET on the computer.   

OET is certainly a high-stakes English language test. It can make anyone nervous too. OET test-takers spend a lot of time in preparation. Learn and improve English to overcome problems in the exam. Ultimately, to prepare for the test and get a good grade in it. 
OET paper-based and OET computer-based

There are two options for the test takers. Paper-based OET and computer-based OET. Test takers can pick any option they want. 

As a test-taker, it is important that you should analyze the options closely. If you are not familiar with the keyboard or if you struggle to type on the keyboard then it is good to apply for the OET paper-based. 

If your handwriting is not good then consider taking the test on computers. 

If you have decided now which version of the test will be good for you then it will be time for you to prepare for the test accordingly. 

Naturally, you would like to take some tests on the computer to get the real feel of the test. Applying for the computer-based OET and then still focusing on paper-based test strategies will not work for you. 

It is important that you should check out some sample computer-based OET papers. 

Why improve medical vocabulary before taking OET?

Most of the test takers do not get a good score in the test because they are not good at understanding the core medical vocabulary. Obviously, it is not a rule that you should know the meaning of each and every word that you read. But, it is necessary that you should be able to understand the content given. At least, 70% of it. 

Therefore, it is important to make yourself adept at core medical vocabulary. If you have strong hold over the vocabulary you will be able to understand the given content. Generally, your reading test is a big challenge. Because, it will contain vocabulary that is modern. There are some useful online resources that you can use to enhance your vocabulary. 

  • Medical Dictionary by Merriam-Webster
  • Medical Dictionary of Health Terms: A-C - Harvard Health
  • Concise Medical Dictionary - Oxford Reference
  • Medical Dictionary - online-medical-dictionary.org
  • Medical Dictionary by The Free Dictionary 
  • Taber’s Medical Dictionary and App 
  • Dictionary by WebMD
  • MedicineNet
  • Stedman's Online

Learn more about different types of questions 

Your OET reading, writing and listening test will have different types of questions. You may get multiple choice questions and other types of questions like filling out the blanks to complete the summary, etc. if you can take a sample test then you will understand more about the difficult nature of the test. 
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