OET Writing 2021 5 Major Things To Consider

If you are a healthcare professional who is struggling to score higher on the OET Writing Test, then welcome! We are here to provide you with some very helpful tips that will make your scores better.

The writing sub-test is one such section of OET, where most healthcare professionals struggle. Unlike IELTS, in the OET writing test you are given a task, mostly referral letters, and case notes. This makes it even harder for the test takers as they cannot write creatively. They need to arrange the case notes in a logical structure that makes sense when written in a letter format.

However, the following tips will help all healthcare professionals in cracking the writing test, be it a nurse, doctor or dentist :

  • Understand the Task – In order to start your writing test, it is very important that you understand your task first. The task tells you what you have to write and to who. It also answers important questions like why are you writing, if the reader knows the patient or the patient is unknown to the reader. Once you get the answers of these questions, the task will be easier to complete. All these answers will help you in choosing relevant case notes.     
  • Choose – As you have read above, it is important that you understand the task and case notes before moving further. Once you have understood, you can move onto selecting case notes that seem more relevant and discard the ones that do not seem of much importance. The examiners try to distract you by putting in irrelevant information but you need to be smart enough to distinguish between important and unimportant.
  • Organize – Once you have selected case notes that seem important, you need to organize them in a manner that is easily comprehensible. Do not ever mix your case notes or organize them in a way that is hard to read or understand. The paragraphs should be arranged in a structural way. You can prepare a structure beforehand that will make it easy for you to write the letter without wasting time.     
  1. The case notes should first have an opening sentence that will highlight the main issue.
  2. Next, the main issue must be discussed in detail in a single paragraph.     
  3. Next, you can include any additional medical issues in the second paragraph.     
  4. Any other details that may be relevant but not so important to the medical condition can be added in a third paragraph.     
  5. Lastly, the request for the reader to take necessary actions must be included.
  • Transfer – After you are done selecting and organizing, all you are left to do is transfer the case notes onto the paper in 180-200 words. Always keep in mind that copying the sentences as it is can get you in trouble. You need to write the entire letter in your own words to show innovation, although there is hardly any room for it you should write the letter like a story-teller. Do not change the medical issues given in the     case notes but try to write in a way that is easily understandable and also fulfill the task.
  • Additional Tips
  1. Make sure to keep a check on grammatical errors and wrong spellings.
  2. Manage your time correctly.
  3. Divide the paragraphs in a clear and concise manner, do not jumble up the structure.
  4. Keep the ending relevant and on point.
  5. Do not go off-topic.     

These writing tips will surely help you obtain a great score in the OET exam, keep up the learning and dedication. Good Luck!

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