OET Writing 2021 Rules

OET Writing Test is going to be challenging. 

You need to follow some basic rules. 

  • Before you begin writing make sure that you understand the given task perfectly well. You need to spend at least, the first 5 minutes understanding the case notes and the task. 
  • You will have to summarize long pieces of text. You will have to use your own words (You need to know how to paraphrase or rewrite the case notes). 
  • Your letter needs to be well-organized. Think of a perfect plan before you start writing. You can make use of the space that is provided to you. You can jot down a rough structure if you want.  Understand your role and write accordingly.
  • Focus more on your intended readers. Who is going to receive your letter?
  • Understand current situations. 
  • What is the main point that you are expected to communicate to the readers? 
  • What is the background information needed to create the letter? 
  • Which information the reader will expert from you?
  • Check or cross-check well if you need to supply any other information. 
  • You will also have to use the names and addresses given in the question (You can set out the names, address, date, and other important information in your letter). 
  • You will have to clearly indicate new paragraphs. You can leave a blank line to clearly show paragraphs. 
  •  You can have the option to supply copy chunks of text from the case notes (You can include information from the case notes is important). 

General things about your OET writing 

It is always advisable that you should carry a spare pen or pencil. You need to fill out the cover pages for the task booklet. You will have to fill in the answer booklet correctly with care. 

Getting prepared for the OET

It is recommended that you take a sample test under strict conditions before your real test. This will give you an idea of the difficulties of the real test. You will have to focus on writing clearly. A little practice will be helpful to you (in case you are taking paper-based OET). If you are taking computer-based OET then you shall know how to use the keyboard you need to have good typing skills (If your handwriting is not really good then it is recommended that you should take computer-based OET. You can spend some time practicing how to type). 

Before you submit your paper, it is important that you should check or re-check it properly.  You will be given a few minutes of time at the end of the tests to check your answer. Make corrections as needed. If you are using a pencil then you can even erase it. But if you are making use of a pen, then it can make your letter look ugly. 

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