OET Writing Changes From August 2019

From August 2019, in OET Writing, your letter is assessed against six criteria, which mainly look at Purpose, Content , Clarity, Style, Organization, Language with these you will also be assessed whether you are maintaining word count according to the test condition, used appropriate vocabulary, understood the situation, provided the right information and your overall ability to communicate effectively in English.

A Few tips to write your letter properly:

·         Take time to understand the situation and the requirements of the task.

·         Try to write between 180-200 words and avoid copying as it is from the task.

·         Write in a formal style and avoid using slang language or abbreviations.

·         Remember why you are writing and who you are writing it for.

·         Include important information that the reader needs to know and leave out information that is not important or not relevant.

·         Write as neatly as possible.   The examiner must be able to clearly read your writing.

·         Try to use complex sentences where it is appropriate.  If your sentence is too long or complicated, break it down into more simple sentences.

·         Organize the information clearly.  Use paragraphs where appropriate.

·         Check your writing for spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammar errors.

·         Do some practice tests before you sit your exam.


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