OET Writing Sub Test Clear Timeline and Use of Proper Connectors Needed When You Are Writing A Referral Letter


For a nurse, it is very important to explain the medical history and consequences in the right way.


  • Mrs. Jannet was suffering from fever and headache in the morning.
  • It was followed by intense body pain and giddiness.
  • She developed an aversion to bright lights by evening.

We can segregate these three conditions as A, B, and C.

Now, consider this sentence:

“Mrs. Jannet had an aversion to light, she was suffering from fever and headache, followed by nausea.”

The sentence given above explains the condition of the patient but it is not in the order.  

The nurse shall give information A and then B and then C. That is the order.

Information shall be chronologically correct so that the right diagnosis can be performed.   

Writing to a timeline is very important when you are writing a referral letter to your senior. This will also help determine the condition of the patient and help with arriving at the right medical solutions for the patient.

Using Connectors To Add More Clarity To Your Letter

Connectors play a crucial role in medical writings. Nurses shall learn to use them properly. Join simple sentences using connectors to provide information about the patient.

But, of course, your sentences should not be long and complicated. If you find use of connectors has made your sentence long, cut it short and try to present the information in a different way.
When you use connectors, the information becomes much clear for the readers.    

You can use connectors at the start of your sentence or you can use them anywhere in the middle of the sentence. Depending upon the message you want to convey.  

Simple connectors are but, and, or etc.

Complex connectors are subsequently, unless, therefore, however, although, etc.  
Avoid Informal and Academic Connectors

But, you should also understand that there are some academic connectors and informal connectors that are not suitable for the OET letters. Yes, if you are taking OET writing test and you want to get a good score at it then it is necessary that you should avoid some informal and academic connectors such as meanwhile, so, besides, moreover, furthermore, etc.  

Consider this example.

Furthermore, Ms. Jennifer will have to take this tablet twice a day for 3 days.  

In the sentence given above, the use of “Furthermore” is deemed unnecessary.

It is better to write the sentence as follows:

Ms. Jennifer will have to take this tablet twice a day for 3 days.  

It is equally important that you should not use connectors repeatedly. This will make your write-up more awkward. Use connectors whenever they are needed to enhance the thought or to join two simple thoughts.


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