OET Writing Sub Test How To Structure Your Letter

OET writing sub-test is entirely different than forms of writing tests. In other writing tests, you may have the option to provide your views, suggestions or recommendations. But, in OET writing sub-test you will already have the content with you and you will have to present it in the right way. More often, you do not provide your views or suggestions in the letter. 

The case notes will be provided for your reference. You can read the case notes and understand more about the patient. Of course, everything you read shall not be included into the letter. Only some important points are picked for the letter. 

So, how will you showcase the real purpose of the letter? What type of content do you have to include in your letter? 

As per the assessment criteria for the writing test, you will have to focus on the following:

Purpose of the letter 

The purpose of the letter shall be very clear. If possible, in the introductory lines, you can explain the purpose. You do not have to make it long. Try to summarize the purpose using simple but effective words. 

What type of content will you have to pick?

Naturally, case notes will have more content. It will also carry information that may not be important for you. For instance, if the patient has been hospitalized due to high BP or Diabetes, then it is not important for you to explain that the patient had an accident 10 years ago and that he suffered bad injuries. 

Some content in case notes is given to judge how good you are at selecting the right information, whether you will sieve out the most relevant information or not. So, pick only that information which is relevant to the present health condition of the patient. 

However, if you think the present condition might lead to some other health problems, then you can talk about them. 

For instance, the patient also complains of shortness of breath, chest pain, chest pressure, chest tightness, and chest discomfort (angina). These can be the symptoms of heart disease. You can talk about the tests related to the same.  

Clarity is of utmost importance 

You do not have to stretch the details. You need to make it as precise as possible. Make it very clear and understandable. Include only information that matters the most. 

Style of writing 

It is recommended that you use a variety of sentence structures. This will show that you have good hold over grammar. A letter with different sentence structures can help you get a good score in your OET. 

Organizing content of the letter 

You need to organize the information in a proper way. Do not assume that your task is just to provide information or rewrite the information from the case notes. You need to properly structure it too. It shall showcase patient details, major problems the patient is facing, tests performed, reports, and future course of action, possible solutions, etc.  

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