OET Writing Sub Test Mistakes To Avoid

We have covered the top three mistakes which are common in OET writing sub-test.
Making use of “Rule Out” to say “Confirm”

“Rule out” means to eliminate or exclude something which is (or considered) impossible. But, there are many candidates who make use of it in a wrong way. If you make the mistake of switching the meaning around then you may lose marks. 


Report says: Pneumonia - ruled out (X-ray) 

The letter written by the candidate says: The patient is suffering from pneumonia. 

If you focus on first on first sentence, then it will become very clear that the patient doesn’t have pneumonia.  But the student has provided the information that is exactly wrong.


Making use of ‘complaint’ when it was actually ‘compliant’

Right or wrong spelling makes a lot of difference. If you closely look at both the words: “Complaint” and “Compliant” then you will come to know that there is not much difference in their spellings. Just the replacement of the letters such as “a” and “i” have altered the meaning of the words.  


The notes say: medication – taking as recommended by the doctor. 

The letter by the candidate says: the patient is complaint with the given medication.

It was actually meant “Compliant” but it was written “Complaint.”

The sentence given above says that the patient is unhappy with the medication because of the error in spelling. 

With correct spelling, the sentence would be read as this: “The patient is compliant with the given medication.” This would mean that the patient is taking the medication as per the instructions of the doctor. 


Making use of ‘advice’ instead of ‘advise’

It is all about a typo. Yes, if you use the word ‘advice” instead of “advise” then grammatically it will be wrong. There are many students who are not aware of this fact that one is a noun and the other is a verb.  


The case notes say: smoking – To quit is easy.  

The letter by the candidate says: He is adviced to quit smoking.

In the sentence given above, the correct word shall be “advised” but mistakenly it is “adviced”

So, make sure you make use of words in a correct say. Check spellings before you submit.  

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