OET Writing Sub Test Three Big Mistakes To Avoid

Are you planning to take OET? OET can really help you a lot with achieving your goals in your healthcare career. OET scores are highly valued. Healthcare centers, hospitals and other community service centers prefer to take into consideration the OET score of the candidate before hiring. If you have plans to work or practice in Australia, Canada, or the UK or other english countries, it is important that you take OET (as it is accepted in various countries such as New Zealand, Ireland, USA and others).


Of all the four tests in OET, the writing test is one that can be very challenging. Most of the candidates face difficulty getting a good score in the test. Often, the low score is due to some of the common mistakes.


Mistake 1


Using complete case notes


You are given case notes with the goal to help you understand more about the situation and then recreate the content out of it. That is the sole purpose of the case notes. You are not expected to make use of content that is given in it as it is. Most of the candidates read the notes and pick up some of the useful words, phrases or sentences and use them in the letter without making any changes.. In other words, they simply copy the content from the case notes and put that into the letter. That is one of the biggest mistakes. OET examiners want you to recreate the content on your own. You will have to be intelligent enough to mould that information into your own words. Of course, you do not have to change the information. But, it should be produced in a different form that is more appropriate for the letter.


Mistake 2


Use of uncommon words, phrases or abbreviations


As a medical professional, you are expected to make use of language that is of high standard but at the same it should convey information is the simplest way. You need to make use of words or phases that are easily understood by one and all. You do not have to use words, phrases or abbreviations that can be confusing. Of course, it is allowed to use abbreviations but still it is recommended that you should use complete words and phrases.


Mistake 3


Bad grammar


You can’t be a good writer if you do not have a strong hold over grammar. You need to have the skills toprs the information in a grammatically correct way. A small mistake may mean a lot. Words that you use should also be correct. Wrong spelling can lower down your score in the OET. You need to make use of correct punctuation marks too. Use commas wherever they are required and in places where they are not required. If you can learn to write grammatically well then this test can be very easy for you to crack.


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