OET Writing Sub Test Types of Verbs

Most of the OET candidates make mistakes in using the right form of verb while writing a letter of referral. The writing sub-test is easy as the candidate has all the information in the question itself. The test taker will have to focus only on using the information in the right way and form the correct sentences using correct verbs to complete the task.

Candidates often make mistakes while using verbs. 

So, it is important to learn more about verbs and use them in the correct way. 

There are three types of verbs. They can be classified as follows: Action verbs, Helping verbs, Linking verbs. 

What are Action Verbs?

These are the verbs that express a particular type of action, for instance, operate, eat, check, walk, talk, give, etc. Or they also express possession (for instance, have, own, etc.). 

Action verbs are further classified as transitive and intransitive.

Transitive Verbs

A transitive verb will always have a noun, a direct object to receive the action of the verb. 

Example: Martha raises her head. 

The verb in the given sentence is “Raises” and “Her Hand” is the direct object that receives the action.  

But, remember, transitive verbs may also sometimes have indirect objects, that may name the object, for whom or to whom the action was done.   

Example: The doctor gave the patient an injection. 

The verb here is “gave”. The direct object of the sentence is injection. (What did the doctor give? An injection.). 

The indirect object is “the patient” (To whom did the doctor give an injection? To the patient.).

Intransitive Verbs

An intransitive verb is a type of verb that will never have a direct or indirect object. 

There will be no object to receive the action even if an intransitive verb is followed by an adverb or adverbial phrase. 


The patient rises slowly from his seat. 

The verb in the sentence given above is “rises.” 

The phrase, “slowly from his seat,” modifies the verb, but there is no object that will receive the action. 

Linking Verbs

A linking verb is a type of verb that connects the subject in the sentence to a given noun or adjective.  


Shuja became a business major.

The verb in the sentence given above that is “became” links the subject, Shuja, to its complement, a business major.

Helping Verbs

Helping verbs are the types of verbs that are used before action or linking verbs with the goal to convey additional information with respect to time, possibility. 

Martha is (helping verb) trying (main verb) to discover the truth. 
The operation might (helping verb) be (main verb) dangerous.

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