OET Writing Use Of Proper Vocabulary

As a nurse, you will come across situations when you will have to explain things in written communication.

Of course, when you talk to patients, relatives of the patients or the healthcare professionals in your circle, you make use of language that is a bit informal.

But, when it comes to writing, it is important to pay attention to describing things in a more formal way.

To be honest, this is a big task.

Making The Write-Up Simple To Understand

The first thing that is of great importance is making the write-up more understandable for the recipient.  It is certainly not necessary to make it look more complex by making use of the complex and long sentences  

Medical Jargon, To Use Or Not To Use

As a medical professional, it is good to make use of the medical vocabulary but making use of it to a large extent is not at all suggested or recommended.

If things can be explained in words that are simple, then it would be much better.

Medical Terms And Phrases

It is good to make use of the medical terms and phrases that are commonly used in your healthcare circle. Do not try to use words or phrases that may sound new and for which may confuse the recipient.

Grammatical Errors

Grammar is the backbone of good writing. Making grammatical errors can lower down the score. Learn to improve grammar before taking the real OET exam.

And remember, OET examiners are trained to detect even the smallest of errors. So, be very careful.

Word-Count Of The Letter

You are requested to write only 180-200 words but this doesn’t mean that you can’t write more than this word count.

If needed, you can increase the word count. But, make sure you do not decrease the word count.  You will lose marks if the answer carries only 150 words or 160 words (lesser than 180 words).

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