Pass In OET And Take On Exciting Career As A Nurse In UK


Are you a nurse? Are you keen to practice in the United Kingdom? You can do it. All you have to do is clear the Occupational English Test (OET)


Improving Overseas Nurse Access To UK Register


Nurses across the globe apply for the OET and get through it to practice in the UK. Higher Pass Rates are also reported. Evidence showcased at the first-ever OET forum which was held in the UK gives clear picture of increase in number of candidates who sit in the test. Many of the candidates achieved the required standards for NMC registration - Grade B in reading, writing, speaking and listening.  

Previously, it was mandatory for the nurses to take IELTS - International English Language Testing System. It was this test which had been in use to assess the language skills or the language competency of the overseas nurses (it is still taken for various other purposes).  

But, now UK organizations accept OET scores because OET is considered more appropriate test for the medical professionals as it assesses the language of the medical professionals in the right way.

“It is healthcare specific and this is one of the primary reasons why it receives so much of importance by healthcare organizations. IELTS tests the skills in a general way. There will be not much stress on healthcare settings. But, OET has got purely medical content.”

IELTS is always better when it comes to moving to the United Kingdom. It gives a broader test of the English and it is not just related to any specific workplace. However, it uses the language, the content which may not be relevant for the healthcare experts.   

Charlie Massey who is the chief executive officer at the General Medical Council (GMC), a public body which maintains the official register of medical practitioners in the UK clearly mentions how OET can be more effective in terms of English language assessment of the overseas healthcare experts. “Overseas healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, radiologists may make a huge contribution to frontline healthcare in the UK. It is therefore very much important for the country to focus on providing opportunities only for the most deserving professionals and also make sure that path for the skilled professionals is as straightforward as possible to work in the UK. But, it is also very important that these overseas healthcare professionals should have good standard of English and OET is perfect,”  


OET Training Online


So, if you wish to work in the UK, it is time that you apply for the OET for Nurses. Get enrolled for the OET training online and get through it with a good score. With latest OET 2.0 test material, it will be easy for you to prepare for it in the best way and you will be able to get grade B which is needed to practice as a healthcare expert in many of the healthcare organizations, hospitals, clinics, agencies etc.

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