Prepare for the OET 2020 Common Types of Questions in OET reading Test

OET reading sub the test is one amongst the subtests given to medical field students, for checking their English proficiency and knowledge in their field of medical science. Before you attend your reading test, you need to understand the types of questions in OET reading test. The reading subtest consists of three parts A, B and C with a total number of 42 questions. Let us discuss these types of questions in detail,

Part A: 

Part A is for 15 minutes and it consists of four short texts which would be approximately 650 words. In the total, you will be given 4 texts A, B, C, D from which you have to answer all the questions.

This section is filled with questions like matching, fill in the blanks, short answers. Part A concentrates on skimming and scanning of the texts by the test takers. In total 20 questions are asked in Part A, it is weighted equally. Part A has workplace short texts, asking about the treatment protocols, diagnosis protocols, medication information, and treatment paths. For example, the topic is on fractures, dislocation, and sprain.

From questions 1-7 you will have to write one-word answers questions can be like

1) Procedures for delivering pain relief? 

2) How fractures can be caused? 

3) What to look for when checking an injury?  

Questions 8- 14 consists of questions that require one sentence answers

For example

1) What should be used to cover a freshly applied plaster back slab? 

2) What condition might a patient have if severe pain persists after splinting, elevation and repeated analgesia? 

3)What should be used to treat a patient who suffers from respiratory depression?

Questions 15- 20 consists of completing sentences in short phrases or words, sentences

For example,

1) Make sure the patient isn’t wearing any______________ on the part of the body where the plaster back slab is going to be placed.
1) Check to see whether swollen ankles are__________ or decreasing in size.

Part B: 

Part B consists of six short texts, of 100-150 words each which are all multiple-choice questions. Part B tests the reading skills for gist, main purposes, main points, and details.

It will have 6 questions, each question weighted equally. Part B usually has its questions on the workplace guidelines, updates, policy documents, and some memos and emails. The short paragraphs of Part B are asked right under the multiple-choice questions.

For example,

1) The manual informs us that the Blood Pressure Monitor

a)  is likely to interfere with the operation of other medical equipment

b) sometimes it may not work correctly in proximity to other devices

c) Should be considered safe to use in all hospital environment. 

Choose one option as the answer.   

Part C: 

Part C is again MCQ based. It consists of two long texts of 750-850 words. Its questions are asked upon inferences, opinions and the attitude of the test taker.

It contains 16 questions in total and all the questions are weighted equally. The paragraph types are based on health articles and health texts. 
For example,

1) In the first paragraph, the writer uses Eve Van Cauter’s words to

a) Explain the main causes of sleep deprivation

b) Understand a view about the sleep deprivation in humans

c) About some research findings of sleep deprivation and apnea 

d) Describe the challenges involved in sleep deprivation research.     

The total time for part B and C is 45 minutes.

We have covered the types of questions in OET reading test. You can simply follow this pattern and start your practice to score better in OET. 

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