Problems in OET Listening Test

OET Listening Test requires test-takers to be very good at listening. Most of the test-takers do not manage to do well at it. They try but still they do not. Because, they face problems. They eventually do not get the score they wish to get. 

Not being able to understand the spoken text

One of the major problems is that the test-takers do not have the knowledge of different types of accents. In OET listening sub-test, there can be small conversation, discussion among two, three or four people. Test-takers are expected to have good command over various types of accents. Get to know more about UK, US, Canadian or Australian accents. If you can get to know more about differences among accents, then it can become much simpler for you to understand what the speakers are saying. 

Improving listening skills

It is always suggested or recommended that you shall try to improve the skills outside the test contexts as well. You can find and listen to a wide range of listening material - speeches, lectures, discussion, views or opinions, discourses etc. 

Not able to manage the time

To score higher in listening test, it is important that you shall listen to the audio well. You need to answer while listening to the spoken text. Before attempting to write any answer, it is important that you shall make use of the given time before the audio for the questions begin. Yes, there will be time for you to look at the questions and then the audio will be played for those particular questions or section. You really do not have to remember the complete questions. Just focus on keywords from the questions or the what the questions imply. When the audio is played for you, at that time you can try to find those keywords in the spoken text or words which are similar to those of the keywords present in the questions. 

Remember, it is not necessary that you will find all exact keywords in the audio because there can be synonyms or other phrases. So, you will have to be smart enough to detect those synonyms or rewritten phrases. 

Do not waste your time on questions which you do not understand. It is always good that you shall skip a question which you do not understand. If you stick to it then you will waste your time. If you miss any question to answer then it is important that you shall at least, at the end of the test, before submission, try to guess out. Who know, it can turn out to be a right answer for and can help you breeze through the test.  

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