PTE or OET Which Test Should I Take

There are many people who get confused when it comes to selecting the right test to be taken. Yes, there are plenty of choices but selecting and taking the right test is very important. 

Select the test as per your goal

What is your goal of taking the test? Which test shall you take? OET or PTE? OET or TOEFL? OET or IELTS? 

Well, if you are a student who wishes to study abroad or wishes to immigrate to a new English-speaking country then you can apply for any one of these tests such as TOEFL, IELTS or PTE. But, if you are a healthcare expert and you wish to register and work as a professional in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or in some other English country then it is necessary that you shall take OET. 

Of course, you will have the option to take PTE as well but it is recommended that you shall take only OET as this can be more advantageous for you.  Here, we have listed down some reasons why you shall take this OET.

Medical Content 

Unlike other tests such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE, OET will have medical content. Yes, the test content will be purely medical. This will make you feel more comfortable and as it would be something you deal with or know more about. In OET Writing Sub-Test, you will write a letter making use of your medical knowledge and the medical vocabulary. You will not have to deal with questions related to spaceships, robot-making, global warming or others. The same goes with other sub-tests too.   
Professional enhancement

The biggest reason why many of the health care professionals prefer OET to other English tests is that OET gives them the opportunity to improve their workplace-related language skills. They feel more comfortable as it related to their own professional development. Almost all of the tasks in all four sub-tests will mirror the real-time workplace environment. For instance, listening test will have conversations which will reflect common conversations which often take place in day-to-day dealings at typical workplace. 

OET might cost you a little more than what you will pay to register for the PTE or other international English tests. Well, if cost is the issue then you can select PTE. 

But, still, you need to consider this: Healthcare bodies, healthcare organizations, agencies, hospitals, universities and colleges accept OET. They give more preference to OET. so, it is recommended that you shall take OET. 

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