Skim and Scan Methods in OET Reading

The Occupational English Test (OET) is an exam used to evaluate a person's English proficiency for medical professionals. It consists of four components, including a reading section. The "Skim and Scan" technique is employed not only in the reading section but also in the other modules. This technique is designed to test the accuracy of the test-taker in a limited time period. By utilizing the "Skim and Scan" method, it is possible to get the best possible grade on the reading section of the OET. This technique is widely known as a reliable and efficient way to read rapidly and accurately.


Skimming involves quickly looking through a text to get a general idea of its contents, structure, and writing style. It is used when you don't need specific information, but just an overview. An example of when skimming might be used is when selecting a book to read; you can quickly look through to determine if it is of interest.


Scanning is a useful technique for quickly locating specific information in a text. It involves quickly searching through a document to find a particular piece of information, such as a name, place, object, or date. For example, when searching a medical record for a particular disease name or treatment, scanning can be used to quickly find the desired information without having to read through the entire text. Scanning is a fast and efficient method of finding the information you need.

Steps for Approaches:

1. Underline/understand key words/phrases.

2. Thoroughly read title or glance at illustrations for skimming.

3. Highlight context or word when finding nearest word for scanning.

4. Place word or selection in given space and verify correctness.

If you are looking to achieve success on the OET, it is essential to make sure that you are adequately prepared. This involves allocating enough time to practice and study the material. To gain experience with the format of the test and get familiar with the types of questions, taking OET mock tests, both online and offline, is beneficial. Additionally, having a tutor or experienced friend to guide you through the process can greatly help in ensuring that you are properly equipped for the exam.

Note: Practising online can be an invaluable tool to help us become more proficient in a given subject or skill. This type of practice gives us the opportunity to perfect our techniques and knowledge without the need to make mistakes. By honing our skills and abilities in this way, we can gain the confidence and competency to apply them in an exam setting. Therefore, engaging in online practice can prove to be immensely beneficial for anyone looking to perfect their skills.

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