Some Useful OET Tips

What is the best way to prepare for the OET (Occupational English Test) ?

The Occupational English Test, or OET, is an English language test for Healthcare professionals who wish to register and practice in English–speaking environment, basically trusted by various organizations in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Unlike the IELTS that tests academic English, OET tests if medical professionals have the required language skills to communicate at a higher level with patients and colleagues. OET has 80 test venues in more than 35 counties and this test is available every month.

Each test consists of four sub-tests namely - Listening, speaking, reading and writing. A graded score is allotted for the test. The Occupational English Test requires the medical professionals to be proficient in grammar, health literacy, writing referral letters and the like. The candidates have to practice role-plays, communicative and interactive skills and keep themselves updated with the appropriate medical terminology. Above all, time limit to solve all the given questions is the governing factor. 

Get an in depth analysis of each skill area, the number of tasks, procedure of the task and the time frame there by. Start your preparation early and set realistic goals to achieve them. Well! Let us now analyze in short the best way to prepare for the OET.

Candidates can develop their listening skills by listening regularly to a wide-range of speeches, programmes on the radio and online lectures. They can choose a new content and an unfamiliar voice from different countries for the practice. The candidate has to learn to gather specific information and write down the same. One has to not only comprehend the gist of the communication between different participants, but also see through the direct and the inferred meaning there by. Practice listening to the audios carefully and try to locate clues (the appropriate word or phrase) that provide you an answer that could be either grammatical or healthcare related. 


Candidates have to read and understand various types of texts on health-related subjects. Current affairs websites and science and health magazines prove to be a great source in this matter. Practice short texts taken from the healthcare workplace that help to locate specific information and identify the detail, gist or main point of the texts. Solve the multiple-choice questions by eliminating the incorrect answers.

The task is to write a referral letter. Sometimes it could be a letter of transfer or discharge, or a letter to advise or inform a patient, or group. Focus on what kind of letter you are writing and to whom. Write a grammatically correct letter that needs to be simple and understandable. It should provide the relevant information at the same time. Proof read and check your spellings. Allot time to comprehend the case notes. Keep the word count between 180 – 200 and remember! however good you are at writing, do not cross this limit.


Role –plays put you into a real-life situation where in you need to communicate effectively, grooming your interpersonal skills. You will have to rehearse role plays by taking up as a healthcare professional while your partner plays the role of a patient, a client or a relative. 
Identify your weak areas and strengthen them consistently. It is very important to understand the assessment criteria to crack this test. Once you are ready, apply for the same. To improve your grammatical and speaking skills, one could join good coaching centers. A lot of videos, lessons, sample answers and guides from the Google and You tube can help you achieve a good grade and fulfill your dream.