Test of English to Find Out If You Are Ready For The OET or Not

As a medical professional, you must have already heard of the OET. Anyone who plans to go to Australia, New Zealand or any other English country knows pretty well how important OET is. 

As OET is recognized by the hospitals, healthcare organizations, and institutions across these countries, taking OET will be more beneficial. 

But, are you really ready for it? How will you know if you are ready for it or not?

OET is an English language test of international standard. So, it is necessary that the applicant should have basic to advanced understanding of the language. Good command over the English language is appreciable as it can help you bring a good score in OET. 

Sample English Test 

Answer these following questions to check if you are ready for the OET or not. 

1 Ana’s mother .,...............cooking and knitting. 

A likes 
B is liking 
C was liking 
D is liked 

2 She is ………….in the classroom. 
A one of the best student
B one of the brilliant student
C one of the brilliant student’s 
D one of the best students 

3 Mr. Steve asked if ………..any mistake. 

A all we had committed
B we all had created
C we had done 
D we have done  

4 Pick the right statement
A can you say me your surname?
B could you tell me your surname?
C can you tell to me your surname?
D could you say to me your surname?

5 This plant looks ……..
A greening 
B died 
C dying 
D dead 

6 I hope ……….
A it shall not rain
B it is not rain
C it will not rain  
D it doesn’t rain 
7 Are you …………..
A seeing this picture?
B advising him correctly?
C discovering this slowly? 
D going to come inside soon?

8 Who …………
A given book to Martha?
B you can give this book, Martha?
C given you this book, Martha?
D gave you this pen, Martha?

Answers: a, d, c, b, d, d, d, d
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