The Importance of Soft Skills in OET Speaking

If you are taking OET speaking sub-test you need to have good soft skills too.  As per the latest and updated OET guidelines, it is important that the candidates should have good soft skills. You need to focus on speaking more professionally. Your approach and your attitude are taken into consideration by the OET committee.  

This nine-point OET speaking criteria will cover the following: 

Intelligibility: Can you speak clearly or not? Can you express your ideas correctly or not?

Fluency: Are you speaking properly? Are you faltering while speaking? Do you speak fast or slow? (But, remember, speaking fast is not fluency. You need to be good at speaking more patiently and intelligently). 

Appropriateness of language: Are you using the correct language or not? (because you may have to speak in different ways when speaking with a patient who is 20 years old and a patient who is 80 years old. The use of language should be appropriate. 

Resources of grammar and expression: You will have to focus on grammar. If there are grammatical errors, you will not get your required score in the test. 

Relationship building: How good are you at building the relationship with the client or the patient?

Understanding and incorporating the patient’s perspective: You will have to be good at understanding what the patients want. You will have to be good at judging their needs and coming up with a solution. 

Information gathering: It is important that you should ask as many questions as you can so that you can learn more about the patient or the problem the patient is suffering from. You need to pay attention to gathering the information. 

Providing Information: You will also have to be good at providing the information the patient may want. You will have to be skilled in your profession. Of course, it is not the test of your medical knowledge but still, it is important that you should display it in the right way so that the role play looks real and more productive too. 

Soft skills or let us put this in another way, your personal qualities that can enable you to communicate effectively well with others are an important component of these criteria. 

If we focus on a criterion such as ‘appropriateness of language’ we can understand that you need to use proper words. Your tone should be professional. The language should be appropriate to the situation and patient. If you delve a little deeper into this criterion you will come to know that you will have to have a skill that is a combination of both empathy and lay language, and of course, with some technical language wherever suitable.

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