Three Big Mistakes in OET Writing Sub Test

You may be good at writing but OET writing sub-test is a different kind of a challenge. 

Yes, you will have to write a small letter of about 180-200 words and this can seem to be simple too but wait, in reality, it is really not so. 

This requires a lot of effort. Most of the candidates falsely believe that they have to just write 180-200 words about the given case study and it will be over. But, not just any words will do. There is some science behind it. And your score will be assessed based on the criteria for the OET writing sub-test. 

Copying from the case study

You will be given a case study of the patient. There will be all the details with respect to the patient’s current health condition, medical history, medications, diagnosis, test reports, suggestions or recommendations, etc.  

Certainly, when you have the information at hand, it becomes simple to recreate the information for the letter. But, one of the biggest mistakes that most of the candidates commit is that they tend to pick the same sentences, word-groups from the case study. They do not even change the information in their own words. They just simply copy the information from the case notes given and try to change only a word or two in the sentences.  This leads to a low score. 

Purpose, Clarity, Organization 

When you write, you need to explain the purpose clearly. What the patient was suffering from? What were the problems in the past? How is his/her medical condition? What medications the doctor has prescribed? Is there any reaction? Each and every detail about the patient that is important should be mentioned. But, yes, you do not have to describe everything from the case study. You need to pick only relevant details pertaining to the case and further course of action. 

  • Be more clear on describing the patient’s details.
  • Organize the information in smaller sentences and paragraphs
  • Use simple and easy to understand language 
  • Do not use high-sounding medical vocabulary. 
  • Do not use medical words and then describe those words in your writing. 

Word Count 

You don't have to write a lengthy letter. It shall be somewhere around 180-200 words. The word count (180-200 words) should not be exceeded. Of course, if you feel you need to add 30-50 words more to your letter to make it look complete, you can add,  but do not digress from the main purpose of the letter. Stick to only important information. 

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