Three Easy Steps To Getting A in OET Writing Sub Test

No doubt, OET writing sub-test is a big challenge. It is difficult for even those candidates who are good at English. Most of the candidates perform well in other sub-tests but when it comes to writing sub-test they are not confident of their own abilities or skills. 

To get ready for the test, it is recommended that you prepare for it. Only after OET preparation, you will be able to take it with more confidence and get a good score too. 

In this post, we are going to share with you three simple tips that you can use to get a score A in your OET writing sub-test. Let us understand how you can get a score A in this writing sub-test. 

Focus on these three simple rules:

Rule 1

Select the case notes with care 

Read the case notes carefully because, to fulfill the task, it is important that you should understand each and everything about the patient. Check medical history. Check medications. What the patient is suffering from? Or has the problem been resolved or the patient needs some postoperative care or support? Does he or she need further treatment? 
Of course, it is not important that you should pick each and every point from your case notes and talk about it. You will have to select only the best points. You can’t even include all the details of the patient in your letter. That is not even recommended. That is against the rule, in fact. 


Suppose the patient is suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. It is not important to write that the patient broke his wrist some twelve years ago. That will be completely irrelevant. 
Rule 2 

Organize the case notes with all intelligence 

The case notes are never appropriate. There are no proper sentences. So, you will have to learn to organize the case notes first. One of the common mistakes that most of the OET candidates make is that they do not organize the notes. They just piece together some important points and make a paragraph and use it in the letter. 

It is important to have a clear structure otherwise your score will be affected. 

Rule 3 

Converting the case notes   

You will have to convert the case notes into your own words. If you do not convert the notes into your own words, your score will be affected.  

While converting the case notes, make sure that you follow the standard guidelines of writing the letter.  You need to provide a small introduction. You will talk about the patient. You will try to provide the main reason or the problem at the start of the letter itself. You will explain medical history if it is relevant to the present medical condition of the patient. You will conclude with main points to bring back to main points. 

Remember, your goal is to tell the story. You shall not copy anything from the case notes as it is. 

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