Tips On Notes Taking In OET Listening Sub Test

To put it simply, it is not needed that you should take notes while listening to the audio. But, if you are confused at any point then putting down some relevant information related to the difficult questions makes sense (Generally Sections 2 and 3 are more complicated for the OET candidates). This will work for you too.

Finding an effective strategy for taking the notes while you are taking your OET listening test is very important.

But, remember, this is a different type of notes-taking than what you actually do when it comes working at the hospital (during interactions with the patients or the doctors etc).

Listening with attention

To take the notes from the listening test audio, listen to it carefully. Give your 100% effort. Focus on the important points. Reading the questions before the actual recording is played for you will help you understand what information to look for.
Picking up cues

You need to be good at picking up cues from the lectures or the monologues that are played for you.

Of course, small discussions/professional-patient consultant that you hear in your first section of the OET listening test are somewhat easy to understand.

But, as you move from section 1 to section 2 and section 3, the difficulty level rises up for you.

In section 2 of the test, you will hear short but more complex workplace extracts. Each of these extracts will be played for a minute.

Here, you will have to identify the opinions, the purposes of the talk, the gist of the extract. There are six recorded extracts that can be on handovers, team briefings, dialogues between the patient and the doctor etc.  

But, section 3 is long for you. There will be a recorded presentation. It can also be an interview with a doctor, physiotherapist, healthcare practitioner etc. you will listen to two different extracts and give the answers.  

Arriving at the right answers asking questions yourself

What did you hear? What did you write?

Ask yourself different questions to arrive at the right answers. Notes are generally taken in order to assess and arrive at the possible answers for the questions.

Try using symbols for the information you want to remember. This will save a lot of your time.

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