Tips to Score Higher in OET Test for Doctors

In competitive exams, to qualify is not the only objective, scoring higher with a great average is equally important and this article will try to address some tips to score higher in OET for Doctors.

A Doctors life is a very busy one and often it’s difficult to take time out for oneself let alone reading. In actual, they try to read as much during the practice itself and get exhausted by the hours. Hence these tips to score higher in OET test for Doctors can help them achieve great results. 

First let’s understand the pattern of OET. Four sets of language skills are accessed as shown below:





Similar pattern across all professions

Understanding different types of subjects related to health


Similar pattern across all professions

Understanding of patient consultations and lectures – all are health related


Specific to Profession

Letter writing in clear and accurate way


Specific to Profession

Communication tests by enacting real-life situations using role playing techniques


Tips about Reading section:

Complete the sentences – the most common error as an educated human being committed by us that we tend to skip words while we read. Our brain has been programmed as such but at time this causes serious errors especially when trying to solve a math’s problem or read an entire sentence as we skip words. Read the start and end of the sentence together. This is a very important tip to score higher in OET test for Doctors

True or False-This is a simple pick the true or false sentence type of reading section. Out of the four options given one sentence would be true and the other three would be false. The tip is to read all the sentences from start to finish and analyze carefully. 

Definition of words (Vocabulary)- Match the word with the phrase within the text. The Keyword or text within the phrase would be highlighted or underlined so it’s essential to read the entire sentence – without skipping words.  Choose the correct answer by analyzing if the word is positive or negative. Read the neighboring phrases as well to under the impact of the word. 

Tips about Listening Section: 

Listening to audios can be challenging especially with a wandering mind hence practice this tip to score higher in OET test for Doctors. Take control of your time and focus. There is always a context statement in audios and this statement gives a hint as to how many people and designation of people involved. For eg: a dialogue between a doctor or patient, a dialogue between patient and dietitian or simple a doctor reading out the prognosis of the treatment. Listen carefully to assess situations. 
Time management is of the essence here as we often drift away from the target time in seeking the right answers and the most crucial of all tips to score higher in OET test for Doctors
Cross out the wrong options given - This can be done by deciding which options are not being talked about in the audio. You get the correct answer quite fast this way. Understanding the context is key here. 

Tips about writing: 

The most important question here is not what are you writing about but rather who is reading it?
The reader is the most essential analyzer here. 
R= relevance. The matter you write should relevant to the topic.
E= explanation. Get your point of view explained through explanation, logically of course. Give examples if possible.
A= make sure the matter is accurate grammatically.
D= Divide the paragraphs for clarity and easy point to point explanation. This division gives you an introduction, body and conclusion. A very easy to follow tip to score higher in OET test for Doctors. 
E= the end of your writing essay should convey the gist of the matter you have written. It should be highlight of your essay and convey the message across. 
R= In the introduction of your essay make sure to add the reason as to why you what you are about to write is the apt way about it. The reader upon reading the reason gets to know your point of view better. This strategy should be employed when the question asks to write about “For” or “Against” a certain topic. 

Tips for Speaking:

In the speaking section listen carefully to the question and you can ask again for clarity. Make sure you speak concisely and up to the point. Do not get nervous or else you might stammer and mix your words. Start true to the questions and answer according. Do not make up false situations and give the listener any objective to raise doubts. 

This article details the basic tips to score higher in OET test for Doctors, while attempting the test. Time management is also crucial to any test hence be wise and read the question carefully from the first attempt itself. 

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