Tips to Score OET 2.0 Listening

Before you apply for the OET, ask yourself just one question, “Am I ready for it?” Well, you need to be ready for it. You need to prepare yourself for it. 

For many candidates, listening test is very complicated. They just do not understand what is needed to be done in order to get through it with a good score. Here, we have listed down some essential OET 2.0 listening tips for you.
Problems with audio 

If you do not hear the audio well then it is your responsibility to inform the staff straightway. Do not just waste your time and try to correct things on your own. Let the staff member know about the difficulty you are facing in listening to audio and let it shall be resolved.  

Reading questions before you listen to audio 

Your listening test comprises different sections and in each section you will hear a recording and depending upon the recording there will be questions for you to answer. Remember you will be given time to focus on the questions before the actual recording. So, this is your time and you shall make us of this time in the best way. You need to pay attention to questions you are going to answer (Well, of course, practice tests will help you get the hold over the test but real test can be different. It is important that you shall focus even on instructions. Listen to instructions carefully and follow as suggested).  

Listening with rapt attention 

Listening with all concentration is key to success in this listening test. If you can’t listen to what is being said properly then you will miss out on the chance to answer it. How shall you listen to and what you shall focus on are two important things to consider. The answer is simple. You will have to give your heart and mind to audios. And you will have to focus on keywords you have got in the questions. Of course, not al the times, the speakers may make use of the keywords present in the question but they may give you hint on possibly correct answer through other synonyms, antonyms or other phrases. 

It is also very important that you shall try to anticipate what the speakers might be saying and yes, this would require a lot of concentration. And yes, you do not have to worry over words or phrases you have not heard properly. Try to be with the track and do not just lag behind. 

Do not waste your time 

If you do not know the answer for any questions, then it is sensible to leave it and move to next question. You shall not waste your time. Before you submit, you can come back to that tricky question again and try to answer it. 

Never leave a question unanswered. It makes sense that you guess out answers which you do not know.  

Focus precisely on what is being asked. Listen, read, write at the same time. Try to match your speed of answering the question with the speed of the speakers in the audio. Certain questions require you to answer the questions in limited number of words. So, make sure you do not exceed word-limit for such types of questions. 

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