TOP 31 Donts To Get Through OET Speaking Test

Do you want to pass OET speaking test? Want to make a good impression on your OET interviewer. Avoid these 10 simple things.


  1. Do not introduce yourself shyly. Introduce yourself with a good smile.
  2. A firm handshake shows that you are confident. But, make sure your palms are not dry.   
  3. Do not interrupt when your interviewer is talking. Listen carefully.  
  4. Do not fold arms as this may convey that you are defensive.  
  5. Do not over modulate your vocal tone.
  6. Do not express over excitement
  7. Do not often try to punctuate your key points.  
  8. Avoid slouching. That is really not good.
  9. Put on a perfect sitting style. Your back should be straight up against your chair.
  10. It is not bad either to lean a little or slightly forward to foster more engagement.  
  11. Absolutely no laughing.
  12. To smile once or twice is good but avoid smiling whenever your interviewer look
  13. Steer clear from all silly jokes. It is not a laughter challenge where you will have to crack jokes.
  14. No serious talk about anything.
  15. No unnecessary talk. Speak of only something that is necessary.
  16. Avoid talking with your hand. This certainly looks very unpolished or unprofessional Do not move your hands in the air to convey any important message.  
  17. Do not keep yourself busy with eating food before your turn.
  18. Keep things at bay that may distract you from taking this OET interview.
  19. No fidgeting
  20. No limbs shaking / Do not shake hand with excessive force.  
  21. No piercing or continuous eye-contact (you shall try to establish eye contact frequently but make sure that it doesn’t look irritating).
  22. Do not focus on unimportant things like ambience, wall color, decoration etc.
  23. Do not run your fingers through your hair.
  24. Do not cover your face with your hands.  
  25. Nod to show that you understand but do not do this again and again.  
  26. Do not show that you are confused.  
  27. Refrain from looking away from the interviewer or forced laughter.  
  28. Do not admire dress sense of the interviewer. That is not what you are here for.
  29. Avoid looking at your watch or your phone.   
  30. Do not show that you are not interested in what the OET interviewer is saying.
  31. You should always steer clear of monotonous talk or monotone delivery.

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