Top 7 Mistakes In OET Writing Sub Test

Writing sub-test is OET is not going to be a piece of cake for you especially, if you're someone who is not good at writing or someone who is not aware of what is required to get through it. The way you structure your write-up matters a lot. 

Here, we have covered top seven mistakes which you shall avoid. 

Not paying attention to reading before writing 

Before you begin writing, it really makes sense that you read properly read the test content. Yes, you need to spend some time on it to understand it and then structure your approach.  

Not focusing more on grammar and punctuation 

Grammar is the backbone of the language and punctuation is the beautification required to make your write-up look more beautiful or meaningful. Here, you need to focus on writing grammatically correct and at the same time, you need to make sure that you punctuate your write- up well. Remember, a small error can bring in lot of trouble for you. 

Not picking the right words 

There are some candidates who feel that by making use of high-sounding words, they can impress the examiner. But, in reality such is not the case. Yes, you are required to make use of  simple words. In fact, us of the complex or difficult-to-understand words can make the letter look a bit awkward. Your examiner may not like it and you will not be able to get the score you wish to.  

Not rewriting or revamping 

The content you find in the question shall be revamped or rewritten. Yes, you can’t just make use of the same words or the phrases for your answer. You need to change the structures or convey the information in much simple form. Remember, if you copy exactly the same phrases or the sentences which you find in your question then you will get very low score. 

Including not-so-clear views, suggestions, recommendations 

Be away from being vague. You need to understand and present the concept in the right way. You can’t just write something that is vague in nature. If you are to conclude the letter then it is important that you shall provide right suggestions, recommendations as needed. 

No coherence

You need to check the answer for coherence. Yes, it matters a lot. You need to focus on whether each and every sentence has good connectivity or not. Use of irrelevant sentences or beating around the bush just in order to fill out the empty space is not enough. The main concept of the task shall be intact and shall not be broken up into pieces. 

Not proofreading 

Before submitting your answer, it is always quintessential that it shall be proofread. Who knows there can be some mistakes! By effectively proofreading, you can find out those mistakes and correct them as needed. 

By focusing on all essentials rules of writing, you can get the best score in your OET Writing Sub-Test. 

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