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OET (Occupational English Test) is a BIG Test for healthcare professionals.

It is possible that you are good at what you are doing but to get through OET, your expertise in healthcare plays a secondary role.

Yes, you have got that right. No matter how good you are in dealing with patients, treating them but when it comes to OET, you will have to showcase your English language.

Healthcare experts who come from vernacular backgrounds and those who do not know English well face a big problem when it comes to getting through OET.

OET is a gateway to a brighter career in the healthcare industry in Australia

Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others take this test because they know it can bring for them ways to improve their career and be more successful in their practice and as well as in their personal life.

Get to preparation

To be able to get through OET, the first step shall be preparing yourself for it. Do not assume that it is going to be very easy for you since you are a medical expert and you know more about your profession. The first big mistake is thinking that it is all about medical knowledge. It is true that is for the medical professionals but it doesn’t judge medical expertise of the candidate. It assesses medical English, general English of the candidate.

Start with what is difficult for you

You must be good at speaking but you may have some difficulty in writing the reports, writing referral letters etc. first analyze what can be difficult for you and try to find a way to improve it. If you are not good at writing reports or letters, then it really makes sense to get trained in how to write well. There is an option to join the classes after the practice or there is also an option to get enrolled for the OET training online. There are plenty of OET preparation portals, OET preparation websites but picking the best from the bunch makes a lot of difference.

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Work On Sample OET Papers

To get a thorough understanding of the difficulties of the OET it is always better to take a few OET Mock Tests.

These OET Sample Tests will help you analyze your skills and will provide a clear picture of how much you need to improve.

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