Use Of Correct Verb Forms In OET

Use of correct forms is very important as it can change the complete meaning of the sentence. There are three tenses. Present, past and future. The verb form that is used to describe tenses shall be correct. 


  • I bandage. The blood coagulates. (present)
  • I bandaged. The blood coagulated. (past)
  • I will bandage. The blood will coagulate. (future)

Often, candidates make use of wrong verb forms due to which they face a problem in effective communication. OET writing sub-test is designed with the aim to assess writing skills in real-time situations. The candidates will receive the notes. By making use of the given notes, answers need to be developed. It is usually a letter. A referral letter. 

Check out the common errors. Sentences listed down are incorrect. 

He will be discharge today. 
She is walking in the garden when she fell 
Anna has loss three kgs of weight. 
Her health was improved a lot from admission. 

Correct Sentences:

  • He will be discharged today. 
  • She was walking in the garden when she fell 
  • Anna has lost three kgs of weight. 
  • Her health has improved a lot since admission. 

Check out these common nouns. Can you convert these noun forms into verbs? 

  1. Bandage
  2. Breath
  3. Coagulation 
  4. Fertilization 
  5. Admission 
  6. Immunization 
  7. Implant 
  8. Blood 
  9. Consultation 
  10. Abuse
  11. Convalescence
  12. Occurrence 
  13. Maceration 
  14. Management 
  15. Reproduction 
  16. Resuscitation 
  17. Regeneration 
  18. Sedation 
  19. Regurgitation 
  20. Reabsorption 
  21. Stitch
  22. Perspiration 
  23. Preparation 
  24. Sweat 
  25. Suppression 

Answer: Bandage, breathe, coagulate, fertilize, admit, immunize, implement, blood, consult, abuse, convalesce, occur, macerate, manage, reproduce, resuscitate, regenerate, sedate, regurgitation, reabsorb, stitch, perspire, sweat, suppress. 

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