Use of Grammar in OET Writing Sub Test Tips

Considering grammar to be a very important aspect in the writing sub-test of the OET examination we are going to discuss some important grammar tips that would be useful in the OET writing sub-test.

1)     Sentence formation:

Studying or reading is different than writing, writing being the hardest part. Writing will help you portray your answers on the sheets. But with no sentence structure or construction there can be no answer portrayed. Sentence formation means, good use of words, correct usage of words, forming understandable sentences and expressing your thoughts in words. But with poor construction of sentence formation there will be nothing understandable for the evaluator. For evaluators to understand your answers you will have t use good punctuation, adjectives, nouns and verbs.

2)     Grammar textbook:

With too many confusions and doubts, having a grammar book in hand is always useful. You can refer to it and read it every now and then practice it. Grammar books also come with many examples, as examples help you understand and learn sooner. With many examples you will get a fair idea about how to use grammar easily and smoothly and will not face problems.

3)     Tenses:

Tenses about grammar are the most important. So, focus more on the tenses as tenses will give clarity and closure on the sentence. Past, present or future tense will help the reader get your exact point about the context. To be perfect with tenses you have to read more paragraphs, newspapers or other writing contents for getting a clear idea about how and where to use which tense.

4)     Online quiz and tests:

Taking tests and writing grammar quizzes will definitely improve your English and grammar. Quiz’s and tests will define your level of grammar and help you improve and will let you go above your comfort level of understanding grammar. They will give you practice and prepare you for the main exam likewise.

5)     Revisions:

As we learn something new every day it is hard to keep and feed your mind everything so be sure to make revisions and notes prominently. Doing revisions will help you remember during the main exam and you will not be forgetful about any topics. Taking notes and then revising concepts will make it easier and will help you learn faster.

6)     Reading:

Reading everyday anything will give you exposure to good English and good words and you will become familiar with English quickly. It will enhance your reading and writing skills together. As English is a very interlinked subject grammar is helpful everywhere so make sure to cultivate a good reading habit. Reading will certainly help you in your exam as you can read properly your thoughts will be in a good flow and will help you put it on the paper too.
These are some effective ways to learn grammar for OET exam, as every English language test will require grammar, these tips are for good grammar and vocabulary for everyone.
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