Use of Linkers and Connectors in OET Speaking and Writing

In OET speaking and OET writing it is important that you should present yourself well.  

It is common that you may sometimes fall short of right or proper words. But, do you know there are certain words which can help you connect your ideas? 

You can use connectors to connect your thoughts. But, remember, you do not have to make use of them frequently. Your speaking and your writing can be peppered with a few of them (say, 3-4 of such connectors) but you do not have to use them extensively.

What are linkers or connectors?

In English language there are certain words or groups of words that can help you connect your sentences. You can use them in order to make your talk or your writing much clearer. 

Some of the common linkers are as follows:


  • In addition to 
  • Besides 
  • For example 
  • For instance 
  • Such as 
  • First of all / Firstly / To begin with / First …. 
  • Second / Secondly / Then … 
  • Third / Thirdly / After that...
  • More or less  
  • Therefore   
  • Moreover 
  • Furthermore 
  • In other words 
  • Above all: sobre todo
  • All in all 
  • At least
  • Basically 
  • Especially 
  • As a result of
  • Nevertheless 
  • Still
  • Even
  • Because of  
  • On account of 
  • Owing to 
  • Due to
  • In order to / So as to  
  • In order that / So that 
  • In contrast to / Contrary to
  • Whereas  
  • In spite of / Despite  
  • Although / (Even) though  
  • In addition 
  • Besides / What's more 
  • As well as
  • The next stage … 
  • Finally
  • In short
  • Last but not least 
  • However 
  • On Contrary 
  • On the one hand….. On the other hand
  • Because
  • As
  • Seeing that 
  • Consequently  
  • As a consequence 
  • As a result 
  • Essentially 
  • In general 
  • In conclusion 
  • Lastly 
  • And eventually 
  • Apart from 
  • In addition 
  • To sum up 
  • In conclusion 
  • Lastly


Use of Linkers in OET Speaking

It is recommending that you make use of common linkers when you speak. You do not have to make conversation more complicated (Remember, in the majority of the cases, you will have to make use of simple language. It should be free from medical terminology too. Yes, you do not have to make use of the medical phrases as you will be talking to the patient or the client during your role-play).  

For example: Following are the linkers that are more suitable for OET writing but not OET speaking

  • In order to / So as to  
  • In order that / So that 
  • In contrast to / Contrary to
  • On account of 
  • Owing to
  • Nevertheless, However

But, be careful when you make use of the linkers in the OET writing. Too many of them can really spoil the look and feel of your letter. Use when you feel it is needed. Otherwise, it is not important. You should know that by using unnecessary words or phrases you may possibly reach the required word count for your letter but it will not help you in any way. As you will be scored based on the objective of the letter, whether you have clearly accomplished the task or not. 

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