Using Mixed Tenses in OET

Your answer will be made of mixed tenses. And it is important that you make use of the right form of tenses whenever you write. 

A small mistake in describing situations can create confusions. 

Consider these examples:

The patient doesn’t want to eat. (present tense)
The patient didn’t want to eat. (past tense).

If you use the present form to showcase things that happened in the past or the past form to show things of the present, it will create a problem for the readers. And in medical writings, it can create a big blunder. 

As you know, a verb may have different forms. And using the right form of verb in the sentence is necessary. Most of the grammatical errors occur only because of the use of the wrong form of verbs. 

Wrong Sentences (Bad Grammar)

Incorrect: She is listened to me. 
Correct: She listens to me. 

Incorrect: He is still taken this medicine. 
Correct: He is still taking this medicine. 

Incorrect: I given him three tablets. 
Correct: I gave him three tablets. 

Pay attention to all five different forms of the verbs. 


  • Give
  • Gives 
  • Gave
  • Given 
  • Giving  

Mixed Verbs - Exercise 

All the verbs in the box are related to medical matters. Pick the right verb to complete the given sentences. Remember, you will have to change the form of the verbs before you use them in order to fit the grammar of the sentence. 

Progress, Rebuild, Undergo, Burn, Control, Expel, Freeze, Change, Deliver, Detect, Discharge, Heal, Hurt, Measure, Overcome, Visit, Amputate, Bite, Bruise, Operate, Test, Analyze, Remove.


The first one is done for you as an example. 

She is going to visit the hospital tomorrow.  

  1. Her wrist is hurting so much that she can't even hold the pen. 
  2. Her leg was amputated below the knee.
  3. She was bitten by an insect.
  4. The patient was progressing beyond the expectations of the doctors.  
  5. Do you think this cut will heal faster? Yes, it will, if it is left without a bandage. 
  6. The old lady burnt her fingers on a hot frying pan while cooking. 
  7. A bronchodilator can be used to control asthma. 
  8. The pelvis was completely rebuilt, after the accident. 
  9. He has undergone several operations. 
  10. The doctors first froze her big toe to remove the aching nail.  
  11. The small child bruised his knee on the corner of the table. 
  12. But, he overcame his disabilities perfectly well. Now, he leads a normal life.  
  13. The device that measures the body temperature is called a thermometer. 
  14. Everybody knows that air is expelled from the lungs when a person breathes out. 
  15. The patient was discharged from the hospital yesterday. 


Hurting, Amputated, Bitten, Progressing, Heal, Burnt, Control, Rebuilt, Undergone, Froze, Bruised, Overcome, Measures, Expelled, Discharged. 

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