Using The Right OET Reading Test Skills For Part A B and C

Occupational English Test (OET) wants test takers to match their English language skills to the right tasks or activities. In this post, we have tried to explain what is needed to be more successful in OET reading sub-test.

Identifying the meaning, scanning and skimming

Reading sub-test in OET will have three different parts, Part A, B and C and each part of the test requires different set of skills.
In Part A of the OET test, you will have to be good at skimming and scanning the text.
In Part B of the OET test, you will have to be good at understanding the gist of the text given. You will have to have skills to drive the meanings from multiple short-length texts.  
Part C will be more challenging and may take more time as there will be longer text, word length. It requires candidates to be good at scanning the text, understanding main points, understanding the gist of the given information paragraph by paragraph in a passage.
These different skills are tested through OET. The examinees will have to purposefully change the skills as needed for each part of the test.  

Manage time intelligently

Part A shall not take more time. Just scan the text intelligently and arrive at the answers. There will be short gap after completion of the Part A. Slow down your brain when you get this little time and get ready for the Part B and C.  You will not have to start Part B in top gear. Read carefully and look for the information needed to arrive at the answers.  

Part A is a speed test but Part B and Part C are not speed test.

If you try to arrive at the answer just by scanning the text superficially without actually reading the complete text, then it is possible that you will make a mistake on the first question itself.  Part B and Part C of the OET wants reader to read patiently and understand more creatively.

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