Variance of stative verb vs dynamic verb in OET?

OET consists of verbs which talk about the actions which happened with the patient or happening with the patient also what will be needed to do with the patient as well. We have three types of verbs which discuss about the actions.

Dynamic verb talks about the actions which happen physically like run, eat, play, sing and etc. These can come in a progressive continues tense. They are easy to identify as they are externally happening. Dynamic verbs are also called as motivated verbs because they have a purposeful beginning and a proper end.


  •     Mr. Benjamín got operated on heart transplantation last week.
  •     Mother Mary Hospital is running a free blood tests camp on every Thursday.

Stative verb discusses about state of being like to have or to be felt, seen, hear, smell which include with kinesics. These can not come in a progressive continues tense. They are meant to be subjective and do not have any absolute start or end.


  •     Mr. Sam realizes about his forgetfulness.
  •     Ms. Rosie De Souza understands her health condition.


Not every verb can be dynamic or stative but generally sometimes few verbs can tend to be in both according to their situations. These are called as the neutral verbs.


  •     I am thinking to do more exercises – Dynamic Verb
  •     I think I failed doing my exercise – Stative Verb

Correct/ Incorrect sentences

  •     I am feeling more exhausted with my works – Wrong
  •     I feel more exhausted with my works – Right


Now it’s your turn to practice upon with all these types of verbs.

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