Ways to Improve Score in OET Reading Sub Test in 2020

Reading sub-test can be attempted with confidence provided you are determined to understand what you read. You just need to allocate time to practice and read a variety of materials to get hang of the language. Here are few tips and tricks to improve your performance on the reading sub-test

Cultivate the Habit of Reading a Variety Text:

Start with a short section and read. At the end of each para, analyze your level of understanding, what the writer has written and the conclusion to it. You need not know the meaning of every word to understand the para, after you finish reading you will surely know the writer’s message. Not just the study materials refer to books of your interest such as Current affairs, science magazines, health magazines, etc.

Read the Question Booklet Instructions:

Read the instructions given in the question booklet carefully before proceeding to answer. A neat and elegantly written booklet will give a good impression and helps you score better. You can use a pencil to mark the correct answer and you can also erase and change your answer. There will be 3 sections, A, B and C that are required to be attended differently.  

Learn Tricks for Each Section:

The students should learn tricks to solve each section. Tips and tricks help in saving time and also to get the correct answer easily.

Part A: In this section, you will be required to find the specific text, this can be done in the following ways

  • Before you start reading, read the questions first, with this you will know beforehand what exactly is required
  • Identify the keywords from the section and the keyword search can directly land you to the required text. A keyword can be a person’s name, country, numbers or dates.

Cultivate this habit while reading textbooks and manuals to sharpen your skills. This will save lots of time.

Part B: The students are required to understand the contents and answer the multiple-choice question. Each question will have 3 options, each option will have information about the answer, but the students should look for correct and complete information from the text. Be careful while selecting the correct answer as the sentences are organized and presented in a manner that can be misleading.

Part C: Reading different text types can help you improve your reading level. This section requires you to understand the meaning. Each question will have 4 options to select the best one.

  • Work to sharpen your inference skills
  • If you do not know the meaning of words, then try to make meaning out of the sentence

Recheck your answers:

You are bounded by time to attempt and answer all the questions. One should rush to answer quickly and correctly. One has to be careful of the spelling and should read the comprehension with attention to identify the right answer. Here are few tips to attempt different sections

  • Part A: Copy the word directly to avoid spell errors
  • Part B & C: You will have options that sounds correct, read once again to get evidence for the correct answer

It is not just about attempting questions, once should be able to manage time to check or verify the answer. This will help you in reducing the errors.

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