What is The Best Strategy To Score Higher in OET Writing

The OET writing sub-test may seem like a difficult task. But, it is really not. For those who can write well with proper grammar, it can be simple.

But, do you know sometimes, even the best of the candidates with good command over English fail to perform well in the OET writing sub-test? Yes, it is the truth. The reason is they do not focus more on guidelines.

You are required to write not more than 180-200 words. But, to be very honest, it is not necessary that you should strictly adhered to it. You can write even more than the given word-length as well. But, never decrease the word count.

In the pursuit of achieving the required word-length, most of the candidates try to focus on explaining things more elaborately.

For example:

  • She is allergic to peanuts.
  • The patient has said that she is extremely allergic to peanuts.

The first sentence is short and explanatory and it is acceptable. But, the second sentence that also conveys the same thing is long and over explanatory. This has been written solely with the purpose to increase the word count. That is not recommended.

Consider the following sentences now:

  • Infection spread. So, leg was amputated.
  • Infection was growing very rapidly that we had no chance but to amputate the leg of the patient.  

Again, the first sentence is good but the second sentence is lengthy and it is written only to increase the word length of the letter.

Remember, you are expected to write precisely. You will have to stick to what you are asked to. You can’t talk about anything rather than what is needed. Try to explain the medical condition of the patient in a few words. Use the given notes in the proper way. You can rewrite or revamp a few of the sentences. But, do not use sentences as they are given.

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