What is the Importance of OET Sample Tests

Before you take your real OET, it is always suggested or recommended that you should take OET sample tests. When you take a sample test, you get an idea of your current English language skills. 

You can assess your language yourself and understand more about the English language training that is needed to get a good grade in this test. 

Taking OET sample tests can be very beneficial for you as a test-taker. 

  • You will understand more about the test format.
  • You will get familiar with the inherent difficituls of the test. 
  • You will learn to manage your time.
  • You will develop necessary OET skills to get through the real OET.
  • You will find ways to improve your skills as well. 

Taking the first OET Sample Test - You do not have to follow rules. 

First, attempt the test. See if you can answer all the questions or not. If it is your first sample test then you do not have to focus more on the allotted time. You can take as much time as you want to decode all the sub-tests.

You do not have to follow the rules. Just focus on getting the right answers. That is it. That should be your goal. For instance, you can listen to the recordings again and again to understand what the speakers are saying and then try to find the right answers. 

Similarly, you can take more time to complete your OET writing sub-test. You can take more than 45 minutes to complete the test. Spend more time in understanding the case notes and then framing, reframing the content for the letter. 

Attempt Like A Pro 

If you have already taken two or three sample tests, then it is time that you now become a little more serious and take the next sample test following all the guidelines of the real OET. 

If the writing sub-test wants you to complete the task of writing within 45 minutes, then you should take only 45 minutes to complete the task. Similarly, you should listen to the recordings only once and then try answering the questions if you are taking your OET listening sub-test.  

This practice following real-time test rules and regulations will help you become more adept at overcoming difficulties of time management in the real test.

Check your answers

You need to closely analyze the questions that you have answered wrongly. Understand why your answer was wrong. Check if your spelling was wrong. You should know that even if you write “pneumonia” as “neumonia,” or “pnewmonia” then still your wrongly spelled answer will be accepted in the OET listening sub test. But, if you make a small spelling mistake in Part A of the reading sub-test, you will lose marks. Because, in Part A of the reading test, all the answers will be there in the given text only. You will have to pick the right words or phrases as your answer.  

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