What Is The Word Limit For OET Writing Sub Test


There are many candidates who ask questions about total word count or word limit for Writing Sub-Test In OET.  

This article gives you the answer for it and also helps you with making your write-up much stronger so that you can get a good score in your OET writing sub-test.

  • You need to know which words in your letter are counted and which words are not counted.
  • Are combined words counted as one single word or two words?
  • What if the write-up carries more than the word limit as recommended?
  • What if the write-up carries less number of words?
  • What is the actual purpose of the word-limit in OET Exam?

To be honest, the word-limit of 180-200 words act as a guide for the test takers.

If the word limit has not been given, then it would have created a problem for the assessors to grade the answer. Another reason is the word limit assigned is just enough to judge the writing skills of the candidate.  

There are some candidates who write far too much without following the guidelines. But, in reality, the case notes are written in such a way that the word count of 180-200 words would just be enough to explain the task in a satisfactory way within the time limit of 40 minutes.

What type of words are counted and not counted?

Remember, the salutations, the opening sentences of the letter will not be counted. Only those words which are there in the body of the letter are counted.

Remember words or word-groups such as date, reference, regards, the address may not get counted. The closing sentence is also not counted (the sentences which you may write at the end fo the letter).

If you are writing a word that is a combination of two different words (joined with a hyphen) then such a word will be counted as a single word.

It is not advisable to count the words

There are some candidates who write the letter and count the words and or count the words while writing the letter.

It is not at all a good practice. You shall learn to assess how many words you must have written for the answer.

And remember, even the assessor will not count the words. As they also have got better things and have not time to ponder over trifles.  They will analyze the letter, check for the relevant information and provide a grade. 

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