What Shall You Do Before Booking Your OET

What is the best way to prepare for the OET? Certainly, you do not want to take the chances. You would like to score as higher as you can in your OET exam

So, how to prepare for the exam? 

Start as early as you can 

Remember, OET results are used by a large number of reputed organizations. The score is an indicator that you are good at English. To be able to work in English speaking countries such as Australia and others, you will have to have good command over English (as communication plays a crucial role in health and safety of the patients).

It is always recommended that you should take some time out and prepare for the OET before you actually book the test. Of course, preparation depends on various factors. One of the essential factors is your current level of English. How good are you at English? 

If your English language level is test-ready, then you will have no trouble taking the test but if it is not test-ready then you will have to find a way to learn and improve your English. 

Most of the candidates whose level of English is lower than the level OET prefer to take the language training courses. You can also pick one of the best language training courses to make yourself ready for the test. 

You can take some sample tests to check your current level of English. This will also help you analyze how much effort you will have to put into training. At OETPractice.net, there are plenty of sample tests. You can take the test as per your convenience. You can get the score for the tests instantly. No delay. This self-assessment will help you a lot with improving your skills. 
Aim at a good score

You will have to aim at a good score and accordingly you will have to prepare for it. Have realistic goals so that you can achieve.
Overcome weaknesses 

By taking two or three sample tests you can understand what you are lacking in. You can analyze your weaknesses and work on improving your skills. If you are able to score higher in your reading test but not in the listening and writing sub-tests, then it is time that you should give more importance to improving your score in listening and writing sub-tests. 

Make sure you understand the assessment criteria

You shall have a clear understanding of the assessment criteria. You shall know what the examiners will give importance to. For instance, your writing sub-test will be assessed on the following criteria: grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, choice of sentences, presentation, and relevance. If you write something that is relevant but there are some grammatical errors and even the choice of words is wrong, then then obviously you will lose marks.  So, you will have to be careful. Make use of right words. Write following grammar rules. Punctuate properly. 

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