What To Expect in OET Reading Part C

OET Reading Part C often poses difficulties for the OET candidates. This part of the test requires the test takers to have a good, in-depth understanding of the texts. This is absolutely very difficult for the slow readers. You need to be good at reading, skimming and scanning the text. 

Let us understand what the Reading Part C of the OET reading sub-test comprises?

Quick reading is important to understand and answer questions within the given time.  

  • You will be given two semi-academic texts. 
  • The length of each test will be somewhere around 800 words. 
  • Each text will carry 6 questions.
  • Generally, you get 4-option multiple type questions (You need to pick the right answer from A, B, C and D). 
  • Total number of questions in Part C will be 12

OET Reading Part C: Time Allotted

Collectively, you will have to complete Part B and Part C within 45 minutes. 

It is always recommended that you should try to complete Part B as soon as possible. If you can complete Part B within 12-15 minutes then you will have plenty of time to work on Part C because, Part C will have long texts. These really need a good amount of time. You will have to understand thoroughly to answer the given questions. 

Reading Part C: What skills do you need?

As already said, OET Reading Part C will have long texts. It is crucial that you understand them perfectly well. You will have to be good at understanding the inferences, suggestions, recommendations, opinions, attitudes, and purposes of the writer or the other people who are quoted in the texts. 

The ideas will be stated directly or indirectly or implied. You will have to be smart enough to read between the lines. You need to analyze the text and understand perfectly well. 

Vocabulary in Part C Reading Test 

The language can be very complex. You are required to have good vocabulary too. For instance you shall use medical terminology. You may find word-groups, expressions or phrases that are commonly used in the healthcare sector. 

Types of texts in OET Reading Part C 

As already mentioned there will be semi-academic texts.

Similarly kind of texts you can find in popular medical journals or on popular websites online. Texts will also be taken from academic books, lectures, seminars, conferences, etc. These texts will discuss medical research in general. 

Improve your OET Score: Take OET Practice Tests  

When you take some OET practice tests, it becomes easy for you to overcome the inherent problems in the test. It is always recommended that you should spend time in OET practice. Taking practice tests, you will learn essential skills such as text analyzing skills, comprehension skills, time management, etc. 

The more you practice, the better it is. 

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