Who Accepts OET

Occupational English Test (OET) can be one of the hurdles on your way to awesome healthcare career in your own chosen healthcare field. 

Medical professionals who would like to embark on great career-enhancing opportunities really need to take OET 2.0 Exam. Taking the test, they will be able to practice or pursue lucrative career in any of these countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand etc. 

There are now so many countries which accept OET scores. If you are the one who would like to practice in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK and others then you need to book your OET test now. Get through it with a good score to create on exciting career route for your own self - a route that can ultimately bring for you enviable success in your professional life.  

Other than these countries, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Ireland also accept OET scores.  

What actually sets OET test apart from other English tests?

OET is specifically designed for the medical or healthcare professionals. Test comprises real communication scenarios which are more much more similar to many of the occasions which many of the medical professionals generally come across during their day-to-day practice.  

For instance, a nurse will have to showcase her talent, how good she is in interacting with the clients or the patients. The face-to-face role play will entail activity or a task which will correctly help assess whether the nurse has got good command over English language or not (English language is needed to work as a nurse in one of the English-speaking countries). A typical nursing scenario will make it much clearer the speaking abilities of the nurse. The interlocutor who will be playing the part of the patient or the clients will go to the level possible to make the interaction intact and up to the topic (as relevant)

Apart from speaking test, the writing test will be much more profession-specific. For instance, for nurses, the writing task will be much more pertaining to testing nursing skills whereas the writing sub-test for the doctors will be more specific to doctors. Similarly, for all other professionals, the test will be specific which will further lead to correct assessment of the medical English for the test takers. 

If you are the one who is looking forward to taking the test and wishes to score the best in the test, then it is quintessential to spend some time in preparation before taking the test. Yes, it would be important. Because, your dream to work in one of the countries where OET is accepted will remain just a dream if you can’t get through it. Your employer will ask for the best score because only best score will showcase your command over the English language and will become a proof of your strong communication skills in English. 

So, do not wait. Get on with OET preparation and get trained to be able to score what is needed to work in one of these countries listed above (where OET is accepted)

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