Why My Score In OET Writing Test Is Very Low

“Why my OET writing test score is very low?” Even the best of the nurses ask this common question when they see their OET Result.

They know they are good at writing. But why do even the best of the nurses who are good at writing get such a low score in their OET Writing Sub-Test?

Let us explain. OET Assessment follows stringent policies.

Did you fulfil the task?

Fulfilling the given task is the first criterion that is taken into consideration. If you are asked to write a letter to convey information of the patient to the doctor and ask for further treatment procedures, do that. If you partially explain the health conditions of the patient and do not even ask for further treatment procedures, you get less marks. (Because, the given task is not completed).

OET Writing Sub-Test is not just about word-count

Do not assume that your task of writing 180-200 words is completed by writing down the exact number of words. The words are not even counted if they do not convey the proper message.

For instance, if you begin your letter with greetings that take almost 50-90 words, that is wrong.

And if you end your letter with strong punching lines that are not even related to the given task, you are nowhere near to your target.

Words you use for greetings and ending the letter are not even counted in your OET Writing Sub-Test

There is certainly no use of providing big lengthy greeting messages. That is not OET for.

OET letter shall be precise

Get the best score in your OET writing by keeping the letter as precise as you can. The moment you start beating around the bush, you miss out on the core ideas. OET examining committee looks for only required information that you are asked to supply in your letter. If they do not find it, your letter is meaningless to them.

Cut short the length of the letter

Do not think writing more words will impress the examiner. That actually makes the letter complicated for you too. Therefore, try to cut short the length and keep it minimum of 180-200 words only.

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