Why Nurses Should Improve Their English Skills For The Purpose Of OET

The Occupational English Test is a language test for healthcare professionals who wish to practice abroad in an English- speaking country. This language test is important for qualifying to work in countries like New Zealand, the US, and Australia and other countries. The OET test can be taken by doctors and nurses. Although the test pattern differs for all healthcare professionals, it is an easier alternative to IELTS as it consists of healthcare content. 

However, to take the OET, it is of utmost importance that the professionals have an excellent command of the English language and healthcare vocabulary. Thus, all healthcare professionals must strive to have an acceptable amount of English skills before applying for the OET.

Here are some reasons why nurses should improve their English skills for the purpose of OET:

  • Vital for Communication - English is the main means of communication in countries that accept OET. Most patients will lean towards communicating in English and if they are unable to understand your language properly, this will create a problem for you. Thus, it is important to improve your English to communicate without any     language barriers. By improving your English, your patients will be able to feel more comfortable and understood. 


  • English-oriented test – OET is a test that judges the candidate’s language ability and conducts its tests in English and uses nursing language to test the candidates. This makes it important for the nurses to have a good     knowledge of English medical terms and vocabulary, failing to keep up with the language can disqualify a nurse from the OET.    


  • Better Opportunities – If you are a good communicator and have a great command of English, this can promise you better and endless opportunities in the healthcare industry abroad. With the help of your improved English, you can pass the OET test and practice in a foreign country for better pay.


  • Development – Learning English for the purpose of OET can also lead to your overall development. Although you will be learning English solely for the purpose of taking the OET test, it will also help you gain more confidence, communicate freely and effectively with your colleagues and patients.


  • Boosts productivity – Learning English can boost your productivity by making you more confident and interactive. Good command of the language will make you want to learn more and be more efficient. This improvement will definitely make you want to increase your productivity.


  • Service Providers – Nurses are an essential part of the healthcare industry and are service providers to the patients. They need to be able to communicate with the patients and their loved ones with empathy and care. Only a nurse with good English skills will be able to help out a stressed person or patient.     

Thus, it is very important that nurses improve their English skills for the purpose of OET and for better, broader opportunities too.

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