Why OET may be Right for You


Are you weighing the benefits of taking OET? Want to know why you should take OET?  

Occupational English test is an international English test which identifies English language skills of the health care experts who look forward to practicing in English-speaking country like Australia, New Zealand or other countries.

This test will assess all four language skills of the healthcare professionals. There will be four different sub-tests which will assess skills like listening, reading, speaking and writing. 
The emphasis will be more on healthcare environment. The test-takers will take the test which will be more relevant to their field. 

Reading and listening sub-tests will be same for all the professionals but the other two sub-tests such as writing and speaking sub-tests will be different for all different healthcare professionals.  

It is the most suitable test for medical professionals because it rightly judges the medical English of the test-takers. 

It shall also be mentioned that it doesn’t quiz the test-takers on medical expertise. No matter how expert you are in your field of medicine, if you do not have the right set of English skills then you will not be able to get through it with a good score.  

As a healthcare expert, you are required to talk to your patients, clients and staff members making use of general and medical English. It will be a part of your job and you can’t avoid it. OET is designed in such a way that it tests the language skills perfectly well. It will put you through real workplace tasks and test your language skills. For instance, during your speaking test, you will take part in role-plays. Your interviewer will play the role of your patient or of your client and would see how well you will deal with your clients or patients, answer their queries, making use of the correct English language.  

Similarly, in your writing sub-test, you will write a letter to your senior or write a letter of discharge, a task which you should be aware of and should be perfect at. 

Healthcare boards and councils in Australia and various other countries accept OET. Hospitals, colleges, universities, agencies give preference to health care experts who have got good OET score (as a good score denotes the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively well in English in demanding healthcare environment).   

OET respects that you as a medical professional, have already completed your course training and are perfect in your healthcare profession and have possibly been working. The test administrators understand that you are trying to register as healthcare expert. The skill assessment will eventually help you perform well in your career. It will be advantageous for you in your workplace once you have got the registration. Preparing for this OET Exam will eventually help you work in an English-speaking healthcare environment.  No other test can really help you with becoming more fluent in your healthcare sector. 

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