Writing in OET Nursing

Nursing is a popular profession. There is a huge scope for the nurses. This profession is focused on healthcare, helping individuals lead a quality life. When you interact with the patient, you may have the option to explain to the patient about anything he/she wants to know in a simple and common language.

But, when it comes to interacting with through letters, it is important that you should make use of standard English.

Writing in the nursing profession is a crucial thing.

A good, professional nurse will know how to portray the information. Writing sub-test in the Occupational English Test exactly aims at determining the writing skills of the nurses. Whether or not nurses who wish to work in Australia are capable enough to express themselves in written English perfectly well(present case studies or write letters in a standard English understandable in the medical profession).

Excellent writing skills are needed to get through OET.  

Communicate ideas as distinctly as possible

You do not have to beat around the bush when it comes to writing a letter in OET Writing Sub-Test. Cut the crap and give details of the information that is needed.

Certainly, a big introduction is not needed

You do not have to give a big introduction at the start of the letter. Summarize the main reasons or give the patient’s details in a concise manner.

Do not just be depended on the case notes

Case notes provided in the question are for your reference. To help you understand the case and then write the letter accordingly. So, do not assume that you can take all 180-200 words from the case study to complete the task.

If you copy the words, phrases, and sentences from the given case notes, you do not get any marks.  

Use your clinical experience in order to write much better.

Candidates are expected to write using their medical knowledge too. It is true that OET is not the test of the medical knowledge but still, use your professional knowledge to present the case in a much better way. Express your thought about observations in a more professional way.  

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