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About cookies:

Web cookies are little text files that get stored on your computer or your mobile device whenever you visit any website on internet. The text files get stored by the website's server and only server will be able to read or retrieve the data of the particular cookies being stored. In a nutshell, visiting a single online web page will automatically lead to the downloading of the various cookies, from all possible sources.

 Types of cookies:

Not all the cookies are same. There are two types of cookies which are briefly explained under here.

 Session Cookies:

Session cookies are temporary files which just automatically get removed when you close down your browser. Next time, when you open your browser and visit the same site then the site may not recognize you and you may have to provide log in details or set your preferences again etc (much more depended on site features). In other words, a session cookies will automatically generated.

 Persistent cookies:

As the names suggests, these cookies will not get removed until or unless you remove them manually or your browser delete them depending upon the duration period set by you.


Cookies, in simpler words, are files or the records which are created by the browser for the storage of the browsing data. There are false assumptions too about these cookies. It should be mentioned here that relating cookie to software or a virus is actually wrong.

 Clearing cookies – why indispensable?

Cookies comprise your web log in data or other personal information, thus details on authentication. The information can be put to use by the hackers, gaining access to your computer or your device. It can also lead to virus attack or lead to slowing down your speed of the browser. So cleaning cookies is recommended as this will lead to your web security plus increase in speed of your browser.

Cookies used by the websites:

Each cookie comprises some anonymous information which allows websites to remember preferences of the web browsers etc. Some websites use cookies for the purpose of marketing of their business. Cookies enable them to target their kind of audiences as they have necessary data, based on location and preferential habits of the net browsers.

 Getting rid of cookies stored on your computer:

 Many of the net users find it very annoying or unbearable that the websites stores information on their computer or other mobile devices. They feel much more annoyed when this same information is being used by any other third party without their own knowledge. Although, this may not be harmful yet they may not want any advertising email or a message related to their preferences or anything. In such cases it becomes necessary to block any or all cookies or even go for deleting the same that which are already being set.

How do we, Database Angel, use cookies?

Cookies let us identify your device or to be more precise, you, our web visitor, whenever you uses our website. We use only those cookies which are just indispensably necessary to enable to you get good user experience on our site, in other words, enabling you to move around well or to provide all required features on our website. We use cookies only in order to enhance the functionality of our website by the storage of the same, based on your preferences.

We do not sell information that we received through the cookies, nor do we divulge information to any third party (but only in legal cases or when it is required by law).

Which cookies do we use?

First party and third party cookies on Database Angel

First Party Cookies:

First party cookies which are used on our website are functional and performance cookies. These are indispensably needed too (as performance cookies are helpful in tracking site usage and the functional cookies enrich the functionality of the website).


Third Party Cookies:

 In order to analyze the performance of our website or to track the number of visits our website receives we use Google analytics. The information is primarily used for the enhancement of the ranking of the website, eventually leads to the benefit of all of our users. It is just next to impossible to gain information from the third party cookies. To know more about cookies which are used by the Google analytics, please go through the cookie usage on websites.   

Set Cookies:

You, as our website visitor, agree to use of the cookies (first party and third party cookies). We sincerely recommend all of our website visitors to set changes in their browser to accept cookies. However, if you would like not to receive any cookies then you can have the option to do so as well. But, please, let this be cleared that turning off cookies, you may not be able to use our website in its perfect order.

If you would like to know more about how to manage or how to delete cookies then please go through the cookie usage on websites

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