Can Nurses Drift To U.S?

Recently health care industry of U.S HRSA (Human Resource & Services Administration) has accepted those who show their grades of OET to get into their country. As it is approved now not only Nurses but few more other health care professional as well can fly to United States of America.  

As the whole world has the shortage of health care professionals so, this step will be beneficial for the Nurses and all. Health care professionals especially Nursing staff will have lots of financial benefits and other facilities in U.S.

If any person would opt to go as a nurse to U.S, they need to follow the process like:


  • Meet the educational requirements initially
  • Take an English language proficiency test or OET test which-ever is asked for
  • Apply and obtain for credential evaluation
  • Hire an immigration lawyer to guide you on the process rightly
  • Pass with your national council licensing examination for registered nurse
  • Find a nursing recruiting agency or any US based employer and select state where you want to reside at.
  • Apply and obtain RN- Immigrant visa/green card
  • Book for RN Visa interview and medical examination
  • Accept an RN position if selected

As the laws and processes are more scrutinized and complex so, you need to have the assistance of the right immigration lawyer.

If interested to go there and settle then firstly complete your OET test by having hands on practices with our www.oet site wherein, you get a whole of 100 test papers for practicing along with evaluations. There would be a definite need of a guidance for the practices as well.


Note: So, what are you waiting for? Try utilizing the opportunity to go abroad and settle to avail the bright future.