OET 2.0 Exam Pattern

OET has got changed. Yes, it has got changed for good. And everyone is worried over whether it will be difficult to get a higher score in it. 

In order to make it more relevant to healthcare and to make assessment much tougher, the changes have been implemented. Now, the revised version of OET is what every healthcare expert will have to take who wish to practice in Australia. 
Major and minor changes 

The test structure has got modified. We have seen major changes in the reading and listening sections. The writing section is just more or less the same. There is some minor change in the way the speaking test will be evaluated. 

The test delivery and the administration pattern are being upgraded. Yes, we say upgraded because these changes are good and help provide better results. Now, it is going to be not that simple for the nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, dieticians, dentists and other medical professionals. If you really wish to get through it, you will have to have skills which the test demands and if you are the one who doesn’t have then there can be no success.  

OET Reading Sub-Test - Major Changes 

In Part A of the test, the candidates will continue to receive 4 different, short texts. There is no change in difficulty level here but the format has been changed. 

We have seen introduction of new Part B section in the OET reading sub-test. This section will have four different or relevant texts (possibly of varied lengths). They are set in workplace contexts. 

After completion of Part B, we have Part C. This Part C is going to be similar to that of the Part B of the older version of the OET. Yes, there will be passages and questions to answer. Here, candidates will have only 45 minutes to complete both Part B and Part C. 

OET Listening Sub-Test - Major Changes 

In Part A of the OET listening sub-test, there will be consultation conversations. Of course, just the same as those of the older version but there will be some change in the format.  There is introduction of new Part B. this new part B will include 6 short dialogues. There can be monologues too which will be set in workplace contexts. 

In Part C of the test, there will two long presentations or interviews. There will be multiple choice questions to answer.  

It shall be said that different type of accent or speech pattern can be there for the candidates to make it much tougher.  

Writing and Speaking Sub-Tests  

There are no changes in these two subtests but there can be difference in assessment of the speaking test. 

Planning to take OET 2.0? Well, it is time that you get prepared for it. Without preparing for OET 2.0 it can’t be easy for you to get through it. So, start preparing for the test from today. 

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