OET Letter Writing How To Write A Referral Letter

A referral letter is one of the best means of communication between healthcare experts. 

A good letter can really lead to smooth transition of care from primary healthcare to secondary health care. 

As a medical professional, you may sometimes have to write a letter describing the details of the patient, his or her medical history, the problems he or she is currently facing and the help or the support the patient needs. Often, healthcare experts refer their patients to other senior healthcare professionals for better care services. 

In the OET writing sub-test, you will have to write a referral letter. It is always important to include the details that are important. You will receive the case notes. You will have to read and understand well about the patient and then write a letter. 

This small guide on referral letters will give you a detailed description of what all you need to create the best letter. 

This shall also be said at the onset that the suggestions or the recommendation of this referral letter writing guide are general in nature and you are requested to practice writing based on clinical contexts. The more you practice, the better it is for you. 

Do Not Talk About Patient Demographics

You do not have to include all the demographic details. As most of the candidates include these details in the letter. Doing so can lead to decrease in quality of your letter. In OET writing sub-test, you are requested to focus more on actual problems and present them in a nutshell. So, do not just fill out the letter with unnecessary details with respect to nationality, ethnicity, date of birth, gender, etc. 

Major Complains 

You need to list out the major complaints, health issues or health problems.  These may include but are not just limited to symptoms (such as chest pain, breathing problem, etc.) or other medical conditions. You can talk about recent events as well such as trauma (for instance, fall). You can talk about how the patient responded to the last treatment process. You can also include details related to recent inventions (blood pressure, blood sugar, chest report, x-rays, etc). 

Medical History

You are requested to include only recent medical history. It doesn’t make sense to talk about ankle surgery which was done some 10 years back. However, if the problem is related to the ankle or the knee bone then it may make sense to include that information as well.  

Referral Destination 

It is important that you include the details related to the referral destination. Who will receive the letter? The name of the doctor. The name of the hospital or the clinic. The name of the department at the hospital or the clinic. 

It is important that you should refer to the correct specialty or the right healthcare professionals. If you do not include these details then you will be penalized for the same. You will receive a low score. 

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