OET Medical Vocabulary Test For The Nurses

OET is an advanced test that assesses the English language of medical professionals. If you would like to get through it then it is important that you shall focus on improving the language.

To be able to understand the reading passages, the content of the case studies given in the OET writing sub-test or the listening sub-test or even OET speaking sub-test you will have to have good command over the language.

Of course, medical professionals need to have command over both general English and medical English (You will be speaking with the patient and colleagues in the professional circle so you will have to be good at making the use of both general English and medical vocabulary).

The following is a small medical vocabulary test. Let’s see if you can get all the answers correct or not.

1. The report says that the blood count is abnormal which an indicative of

A. amnesia
B. anemia

2.  The doctor wrote the patient a ………for pain-relief and dizziness.

A. prescription
B. test


3.  This medication may have ……………which include depression, dizziness, and itching.

A. spams
B. side effects

4.  The …………. clearly says that the baby is perfectly healthy.

A. therapy
B. ultrasound


5. It is recommended that you shall not drive after taking this medicine, as this may make you feel

A. light-headed  
B. crazy


6.  The patient’s ….. is on the third floor of the clinic.  

A. unit
B. ward  


7.  You shall stop making use of this lotion if it makes you feel

A. itchy  
B. allergic   

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1.   anemia
2.   test
3.   side effects
4.   ultrasound
5.   light-headed
6.   unit
7.   itchy


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