Tips to Improve OET Reading Test

Are you going to take Occupational English Test (OET)? Are you ready for it? Well, you have got to be prepared for it before you take it because it is going to be not-so-easy test for you. Most of the OET test-takers manage to do well in listening and other sub-tests but not in reading. Yes, it can turn out to be much tougher than you can even think of.  

OET 2.0 Reading Subtest Tips 

As you know, you will have three parts in this test, so, it is important to divide your time. You will have an hour to complete the test. Time to transfer the answers is also included here. You shall know that Part A will be taken away well within 15 minutes. So, do not just waste your time and try to finish it off as soon as you can.  Part B is going to be much more difficult for you. And of course, Part C is going to much tougher than Part B. The difficulty level increases as you move from Part A to Part C.  

It shall be said that the OET reading sub-test doesn’t require any special set of skills. You are just required to be good at reading and comprehension. If you are able to read and understand well then it is just enough. You will be able to score higher at it. 

Finding the answers

Often, questions are given in a roundabout manner. You may get questions which may consist of words you may not find in the text given. And of course, when candidates do not find the keywords from the questions anywhere in the text, they get confused and it becomes difficult for them to answer the question. If you encounter such problem, then it is important that you shall try to understand the meaning of words given as keywords in the questions and try to look for words or phrases which are similar to the words or phrases given. Yes, nine times out of ten, a synonym is used in the question to confuse the test-takers. 

For questions which asks you to match the statements with one of the four texts, you will have to read the text carefully and you will have to understand what it implies. Do not just jump to the conclusion. Make sure you read the complete text given to you. Of course, if you can skim well then it will be helpful for you and this will save a lot of your time. But, make sure that you do not just cursorily run your eyes on the text. Understand the text too.

Sometimes, the given text might provide you two different ideas or viewpoints. In such cases, you need to focus on which is being talked about more in the text. If you can find this, then your answer is going to be right for sure.  

For gap-fill questions, you really do not have to think of a word out of the text given. You can pick the right word from the given text itself. Make sure that you read the text well. You need to be good understanding what is missed. 

Don’t get frustrated 

It is important that you shall not get frustrated. Yes, you will have to learn to stay cool, calm and in control of yourself. If you find difficulty in answering a question, then it really makes sense that you move to the next question. You can always come back to answer that question later which you may leave. But, make sure that you answer all the questions. If you are stuck anywhere and you give more of your time to that particular question, then it will be difficult for you to answer all the questions.